Wholesale Women's Clothing

We are present on the internet for more than 15 years. Our 2019 women's clothing collection has arrived. Of course we will return as and when the collections. A beautiful range of dress, tunic and top made with care as well as trousers. Our collections are unique, they can be ethnic or colorful.

A large choice of trendy dress.

We are present on the internet for more than 15 years. To begin we are very vigilant about the choice of dresses that we offer on our site. Of course we are always looking for the best models. We offer you the most trendy dresses and most in line with the fashion market. That's why we offer a beautiful collection of dress, ethnic, casual, vintage.

As a dress wholesaler we are the beginning of the links. That is to say that we are not entitled to the error in our collections. But thanks to our years of experience in ready-to-wear we are able to bring you beautiful collections of women's clothing. So they will sell you and build customer loyalty.

Wholesale Men's Clothing.

Discover our collection of men's clothing. Indeed we offer a collection of high quality manufacturing at a very attractive price. So this range is very popular with men. Of course the cotton fibers used propels this range to a very high level of quality.

Men's clothing, trousers, T-Shirts ...

Besides, we are a wholesaler in men's clothing. Indeed like all we offer on the site our collection ready to wear for men to the same type of requirement.

In short we are particularly attentive to what we propose. So we are constantly looking for the t-shirt, the pants or the shirt that will be the card of the season.

Discover our collection that will blow on a cardboard in your shops or stores. So trust GVF specialist in import export ready to wear.

A collection of large size women's clothing.

Large size women's clothing wholesaler has been around for many years. In these conditions we are able to offer collections of ready to wear large size that match the demand. Indeed round women are as demanding as everyone else.

Indeed round women have the right to dress in fashion too. With the latest trends. This is how we propose a collection that will blow on a cardboard. Buy and sell our range in your shops or stores. So trust your big size clothing wholesaler. Reference of the photo 27 hhg.

Wholesaler handbags.

New products all year round on our fashion handbag collections. Small prices all year long. In short we are one of the cheapest distributors on the internet. This is an opportunity to make big profits. So work with a discounted fashion collection.

We are a French team, wholesaler for more than 15 years on the internet, our site has more than 8 years of existence with more than 10 000 customers who trust us.

Become a women's ready-to-wear retailer with your wholesaler!

You are in love with fashion, colorful, patterned or simple.

At a time when all styles are allowed. Thanks to our wholesaler's site, discover how to please yourself. So pass on your passion to those around you or even more. Create a seduced clientele like you by the ready-to-wear authenticity of our online sales site. Light and colorful men's and women's clothing. Whether cotton or silk, these clothes will fit naturally in the wardrobe of these ladies at all times!

Why choose wholesaler clothing.as a ready-to-wear supplier?

What do we offer on our online sales site?

Firstly we are direct importer. For this purpose we offer a range of women's and men's clothing. But we also offer a collection of jewelry, handbag, belt, bezel and watch. On our wholesaler's website, all our collections are selected by fashion professionals. So our prices are wholesale prices. Our ready-to-wear collections are made Everywhere in the world, the quality of these women's clothing is one of our priorities. Many stores or online sales shop have chosen us as an online wholesaler. So why not you?

Who distributes our women's clothes.

We exclusively distribute our clothing collections. No other wholesaler or supplier of women's or men's clothing from Paris or Marseille has this ready-to-wear range. it is for this reason that you do not risk to find the models at broken prices. Thus you are certain "not" not to have any reproach of your customers. Nowadays everywhere in France a large part of the shops or street vendors have ready-to-wear wholesale collections from Paris, Lyon or Marseille. Indeed they work the same styles of fashion items.

This 2018 collection is sold unbranded, these items are our own models that you will not find at the clothing wholesaler in Paris, or at the Marseille ready-to-wear supplier. As such you can scratch them to your mark and take our photos since we have the rights to the image. We have kept a label on the product mentioning the origin of manufacture, the material and the maintenance of the garment.

Our tip: You can order business card labels at any print site or store to put your brand

Deliveries of your collections.

How long to receive your parcels?

Concerned about delivery times and aware that it is your cash that is blocked. We strive to deliver as soon as possible. Indeed the orders go in general in the 24h to 48h except weekend. Then the parcels leave from our various warehouses in the world. You may receive your order in several packages. Deliveries vary from 6 days to 12 after departure. We provide the tracking number of the post so you can know when your order arrives.

Your man and woman ready-to-wear supplier, wholesaler jewelry, handbag, watch, sunglass and fashion accessory.

Your online provider offers you unbeatable prices!

As a wholesaler ready to wear, we want to give the best conditions to our resellers. In search of satisfied partners who want to establish an ongoing relationship, we focus our pricing policy on a fair partnership, and offer all our goods at low prices. The ideal to start this activity without taking too much risk! Transport is also organized with reliable, fast and negotiated carriers.

You will be sure to be able to offer unbeatable prices to your customers, while keeping an honorable margin! So do not hesitate, start today an active partnership with your manufacturer of original, authentic and high quality clothing!

The quality of fashion women's clothing.

Anxious to offer quality products, your clothing manufacturer has chosen home-made products; the raw materials are also of high quality, and we guarantee 100% cotton and / or 100% silk articles.

In order to fight against non-compliant work, the production of these garments is regularly monitored and checked for compliance with European standards.

Whether in the choice of fabrics or in the process of transformation, we scrupulously strive to deliver an irreproachable quality in the cut like the seam, for an authentic finish satisfying a customer rightly demanding.

Wholesaler ready to wear: your online supplier of fashion women's clothing.

Manufacturers of clothing, especially Indian fashion women's clothing, we seek to develop our business by building a real partnership with our resellers.

As a wholesaler ready to wear, we regularly offer new collections, with a definite advantage: we do not supply any store, but we try to establish a relation of trust with our resellers, by ensuring them the exclusivity of the articles of the collections constantly renewed. The ideal situation for not having to face a competition which breaks the prices!


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Product Quality 95% (Excellent)
96% Online Support (Excellent)

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