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Paris, fashion at all costs! Paris is THE capital of fashion. Its Fashion Week, renowned fashion designers, emerging brands, shopping boutiques and wholesalers make it the favorite place of fashionnistas. When we think of Paris, we immediately think of the Eiffel Tower and very quickly the word fashion burns our lips. And for good reason, Paris is simply the world capital of fashion.

Paris Fashion Week, the famous week of fashion shows, is indeed the most important of the four annual highlights. The "Fashion Week" spring-summer and autumn-winter and ready-to-wear opens in New York, then takes the way to London and Milan before closing in style in Paris.

France in major mode For decades, Paris and France influenced the fashion world, according to its famous Fashion Week, which has existed since 1973, but also through its fashion designers and stylists who have succeeded over time . Yves Saint Laurent in mind, who "invented" the "modern woman", including creating the "tuxedo" for women.

We also think of Jean Paul Gaultier. One of the most fashionable ready-to-wear fashion designers, whose favorite clothing is the famous blue and white marinière. André Courrèges, promoter of the miniskirt and pants for women, forerunner of futuristic fashion in the same way as Pierre Cardin. Daniel Hechter, meanwhile, considered the creator of Sports Wear, while Jean-Claude Jitrois, specialized in ready-to-wear luxury leather and fur, dresses the greatest personalities on the planet. From Elton John to Zinedine Zidane, to starlets of music: Beyoncé, Knowles, Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Shakira ... and the most beautiful actresses of the cinema: Monica Bellucci, Jessica Alba, Sharon Stone or Liz Hurley.

La female fashion But fashion is not the preserve of men and is also feminine, since the Parisian Gabrielle Chanel, commonly known as "Coco Chanel", is considered one of the greatest creators of all time and represents the "symbol French elegance ". Its perfume has also gone through the ages to remain a world reference. Not to mention Jeanne Lanvin, a pioneer of Parisian fashion, whose haute couture house remains the oldest to always be active. The know-how in the French no longer to demonstrate in terms of fashion shows.

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